Factors Influencing Sesame (Sesamun Indicum) Marketing in Selected Markets in Jigawa State , Nigeria

  • abdulrahman ali naerls


The factors influencing Sesame marketing in Jigawa state of Nigeria were examined. The sampling procedure involved the use of purposive and simple random sampling technique. A total of 156 middlemen consisting of 40 wholesalers, 77 rural assemblers and 39 buying agents were selected using simple random technique. Face to face interview with sesame wholesalers, rural assemblers and buying agents were conducted for each of the markets.  Data were analyzed using multiple regression analysis,  The result shows that the estimated coefficients of multiple determinations (R2) indicates  that the postulated regressors  explained 21%, 54 % and 98% in the variation of the  quantity of sesame traded for rural assemblers, wholesalers and buying agents respectively. Results imply that income and experience were major factors that influence the marketing of sesame in the study area. Formation of cooperative societies by marketers of sesame will make them benefit from economies of scale in marketing of sesame and have much access to credit facilities 


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