A Review of Policies, Acts and Initiatives in Rice Innovation System in Nigeria


  • I A Emodi
  • M C Madukwe


A review of rice policies, acts and initiatives in Nigeria is presented under pre-ban period (1971-1985); ban period (1986-1995); and post ban period (1995-date). The key actors and the elements of acts and initiatives in the rice innovation systems were identified and presented. The growth in rice demand as a preferred staple has been so strong that production intensification and higher yields per ha was not sufficient to fill the gap and meet rice demand. In spite of successes recorded in rice production, there were a lot of gaps in the system.  The policies, acts and initiatives failed to recognize the problems of the stakeholders because they were detached and foreign to the tradition and cultural practices of the stakeholders. The country’s policy on rice has been inconsistent and has oscillated between import tariffs and import restrictions including outright ban. Pressure from international financial organizations, such as the World Bank, World Trade Organization, and International Monetary Fund (IMF) helped in introducing distortions in the policies. Efforts by all stakeholders, the desirable political will by government and sound agricultural rice policy are essential to ensure that necessary conditions exist in meeting rice production. 


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Emodi, I. A., & Madukwe, M. C. (2014). A Review of Policies, Acts and Initiatives in Rice Innovation System in Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Extension, 12(2). Retrieved from https://journal.aesonnigeria.org/index.php/jae/article/view/168



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