Policy Issues in Meeting Rice Farmers Agricultural Information Needs in Niger State


  • D Tologbonse
  • O Fashola
  • M Obadiah


The study aimed at assessing rice farmers agricultural information needs and the constraints faced in sourcing for information. Primary data were collected through  field survey from 5 out of 8 Local Government Areas (LGA)  in Zone 1 of Niger State Agricultural development Programme (NSADP) where lowland rice is a major crop. From each of the LGAs, two villages were randomly selected and one  farmers group were randomly selected per village. From a total of 234 farmers a total of 186 farmers were interviewed representing 80% of the population. Result of data analysis, revealed that about 73% of the respondents usually seek for information from extension agents. Majority (72.7%) of farmers  seek for information from the extension agents and 37% preferred that information be packaged as audio cassette. Major constraints include lack of funds to acquire information (54.3%) and  language barrier (50.5%). The result of the study also indicates a significant relationship between information type and preferred information package ( X2 = 27.96; p < 0.05), readiness to pay for information package (X2 =67.45;p < 05 ) and constraint ((X2 =33.28;p < 05). No significant relationship between information type and, age (X2 =0.001;p < 05 ) ,  educational level (X2 =1.59;p < 05 ), sex (X2 =1.31;p < 05 ) and ownership of telephone (X2 =0.48;p < 05 ). The data generated will assist in the implementation of the Nigerian Question and Answer Service (NAQAS) under the auspices of National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services, supported by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation  in providing information in all aspects of agriculture on demand to farmers. 


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