Organisational Factors in Sustainable Extension Service Delivery in Nigeria: The Effects of Job -related Stress on Organisational Involvement and Quality of Family -Life of Extension Agents of the Benue State Agricultural Development Programme


  • A R Ajayi Department of Agricultural Extension University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • D Allagenyi


Organisational Factors, Sustainable Extension Service Delivery, Effects of Job -related Stress, Organisational Involvement


The study was designed to assess the effects of job -related stress variables onorganisational involvement, commitment and quality of family -life of extension agents of theBenue State ADP. Data were collected from 44 extension agents (EAs) and their wives,using structured questionnaires. Percentage distribution, mean scores and t -test statisticswere used in the data analysis. The findings indicate that a greater proportion (75.0 %) of theEAs are between 40 -49 years old, while majority (54.5 %) of their wives fall within the agebracket of 30 -39 years. Majority of the EAs (97.7 %) and their wives (75.0 %) have low -leveleducation. 'Lack of free medical services (,' = 4.10), pressure to increase outputs, (. = 4.09),lack of promotion opportunities (' = 4.00), inadequate training (2 = 4.00) and non -payment/negularity in payment of salaries and allowances (x = 4.00) are the major sourcesof worry to majority of the EAs. The organisation's job -related stress variables have somenegative effects on the quality of family -life of the EAs. However, many of the EAs havedeveloped certain behaviours, which enable them to cope favourably with the negativeeffects. Majority of the EAs are very much involved in their duties and at the same time, havehigh commitment to their organisation (Benue State ADP) despite the observed job- relatedstress variables. It is recommended that the Benue State government should provide anappropriate motivational environment (e.g. in- service training, promotion opportunities, goodmedical services and regular payment of salaries) for the EAs.


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