Awareness of Poultry Farmers on Biosafety Practices Against Infectious Diseases in Kano State, Nigeria


  • Ololade Latifat Abdulrahman Department of Agricultural economics and extension services, college of Agriculture, Kwara State University, Malete
  • Bello Oladele Gafaru
  • kayode A O
  • busari I Z
  • Koloche I M


The study examined the awareness level of poultry farmers on biosafety practices on infectious diseases in Kano state, Nigeria. A two stage sampling procedure was used on 166 respondents with structured questionnaire. Majority were males (99.4%), married (73.5%), with No-formal education (30.7%). Average: age of 45.0 year, monthly income of N199, 894.54k, household size of 10 persons and flock size is 500.14 birds. Greater proportion claimed no extension contact (71.7%). Main source of awareness is Mass Media (48.8%). Based on awareness of biosafety practices: in Cleaning only low pressure washer (=1.602) and hand washing after toileting (=1.789) were known, in Disinfection only covering feeds in the store (=1.560), Manure management (=1.608) and removal of dead carcasses (=1.530) were known while in Segregation & Traffic Control all subcomponents were known except; banning keeping of birds at home (=1.114), exclusion of rodents & wild birds (=1.054) and presence of Buffer Areas around the farm (=1.000). Majority claimed very low level of awareness (81.9%). Major constraints were complexity of the biosecurity, inadequate capital (93.4%) and high cost of the biosafety practices (83.1%). Awareness level should be improved through farmers’ group and more extension services involvement.  

Author Biography

Ololade Latifat Abdulrahman, Department of Agricultural economics and extension services, college of Agriculture, Kwara State University, Malete

I am a lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services, Faculty of Agriculture, Kwara State University. I obtained my B.Agric from University of Ilorin in 2008, my M.Sc from University of Ilorin in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, 2011 while my Ph.D was also from University of Ilorin in Agricultural Extension, 2020. I started my career as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services, Kwara State University, Malete in 2013. My professional accomplishments cut across teaching, research and community development outreach my research area is broadly towards Agricultural Extension while Focusing on Technology transfer for Rural Livelihood, Youth and Gender studies, specifically on small holder rural women Farmers. I was awarded a scholarship by Former President Barrack Obama to engae in Young Africa Leadership Training (YALI). I am a bonafide member of Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria(AESON), Rural Sociological Asociation of Nigeria(RUSAN), Nigeria women in Agricultural Research and Development (NIWARD) and I have also engaged in different community development outreaches which has impacted the community. 


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