Adoption of Improved Small Ruminant Husbandry Practices among Ranchers in Selangor, Malaysia


  • Nurul Athira Mohammad Afandi University Putra Malaysia
  • Norsida Man University Putra Malaysia
  • Anjas Asmara Shamsudin
  • Mustapha Saadu


This study determined the extent to which improved husbandry practices in the study area were adopted by ranchers of small ruminants. A total of 100 respondents of small ruminant ranchers were selected for this study, using simple random sampling. Data were analyzed using descriptive percentage and cross tabulation to determine the adoption of improved small ruminant husbandry practices among ranchers. The study revealed that reproduction, healthcare and feeding had a higher adoption rate among the key management practices of small ruminant husbandry compared to general management. The findings revealed the majority of the respondents (65%) were classified as medium level adopters of improved animal husbandry practices, with an average adoption index of 65. The adoption rates of animal husbandry among small ruminant ranchers should be enhanced by promoting guidance, education and their evaluation on the practices.

Author Biographies

Norsida Man, University Putra Malaysia

Department of Agriculture Technology/ Assoc Professor

Anjas Asmara Shamsudin

Department of veterinary medecine/ Professor

Mustapha Saadu

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension/Lecturer 1


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