Role of Households in Rabbit Production in Enugu-North Agricultural Zone of Enugu State


  • Onyinyechi Ifeanyi Ogbonna Department of Agricultural Extension University of Nigeria


Household, roles, Rabbit production


Household involvement in agricultural production is very essential. Rabbit production can help to enhance protein consumption in households. This study assessed households’ involvement in rabbit production in Enugu-North Agricultural Zone of Enugu State. It sought to determine rabbit management and breeding practices of respondents, roles of households in rabbit production and constraints associated with rabbit production in the area.  Multistage sampling technique was used to select eighty respondents. Data were collected through the use of structured interview schedule and analyzed using percentages, mean scores and standard deviations. Majority (62.55%) provide feed for their rabbits twice a day. Majority (86.2%) of the respondents were using paddocks and wooden hutches in construction of rabbits house/cages. Adult female and youth/children play fewer roles in rabbit production. Most perceived constraints were: inadequate/lack of fund (X=3.97), lack of access to foundation stock (X= 3.97) and poor knowledge on rabbit production (X= 3.92). It was recommended that households involved in rabbit production in the area should be encouraged for more production through trainings and increase in awareness on prevalence of disease and vaccination. Similarly, they should be provided with access to foundation stock and other inputs by government and agricultural organizations like ministry of agriculture and Agricultural development programme in the area.


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