Attitude of Students Towards Online Shopping of Agricultural Products in Selected Tertiary Institutions in Ogun state, Nigeria


  • Adeyinka Jesuloba Oresanya The University of Ibadan, Ibadan


E-commerce, Online shopping, Attitude, Agricultural products


 The study  examined the attitude of students towards online shopping in selected tertiary institutions in Ogun state. One hundred and thirty-five respondents were sampled using multistage sampling procedure. Variables measured included their attitude towards online shopping, the factors that affect their decision to make purchases online, and the constraints that hinder Nigerian students from shopping online. Data were analyzed using frequency counts, percentages, chi-square and PPMC at p= 0.05. Majority of the respondents specified that the convenience and time-saving advantage (82.8%) and being able to access the Internet (76.6%) influenced their decision to shop online. Furthermore, majority of the respondents indicated network instability (71.9%) and concern for safety of payment using debit/credit card (64.4%) as constraints hindering them from purchasing online. There was a significant relationship between constraints hindering Nigerian students from making purchases online (r=-0.230) and their attitude towards online shopping. The high interest in purchasing agricultural products online in the nearest future implies that if conscious efforts are made to eliminate the perceived constraints, e-commerce strategy can be successfully utilized for selling agricultural products. Keywords: 


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