Guide to Reviewers

Your invitation to serve as a reviewer in the peer review process is based on trust. Reviewers must maintain confidentiality, treat all manuscripts and materials confidentially and must not communicate directly with authors.

In order to ensure this, follow this step before you start the review process:
-    Click Review on the Microsoft
-    Click the dropdown under Track Changes
-    Click “Change user name”
-    Then Change your user name to “Reviewer”
JAE aims is to have the first decision to the authors by 4-6 weeks after submission.

Articles are initially reviewed by at least two reviewers.

Reviewers should read the JAE Guide to Authors and  pay attention to the following:

  • manuscript is written in clear and concise English;
  • the title is specific and reflects the content of the manuscript;
  • the Abstract is brief and describes the purpose, method, major findings, conclusion and recommendations of the work;
  • Tables are appropriate and clearly presented. Should anyone be simplified or condensed? Should any be omitted;
  • Figures are justified and clear with fonts proportionate to the size of the figure. Do the figures describe the data accurately;
  • Trade Names, Abbreviations, and  Symbols are properly used where indicated;
  • the methods are appropriate and presented in sufficient detail to allow the results to be repeated;
  • data adequate to support the conclusions;
  • are all the objectives covered in the presented results;
  • are all the results provided for in the objective;
  • are all conclusions based on results? Does the conclusion explain how the research has moved the body of scientific knowledge forward?

JAE expects reviewers to provide on time, a thorough and comprehensive report. Provide useful comments for authors and a clear recommendation to the Editor. Reviewers are at liberty to use the JAE review platform on JAE website ( or send a report following the criteria by email to the Editor-in-Chief:   or

For more information: Reviewer’s information

Please Download AESON Reviewer's Report Form Download Fill and Upload, Click to download