Challenges of Extension Workers in Reaching Rural Women Farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria

  • Oluwole Matthew Akinnagbe Federal University of Technology, Akure
  • Onyinye Paschalene Ezeuzo University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • Elizabeth Amechi Onwubuya University of Nigeria, Nsukka


The study was undertaken to assess the challenges of extension workers in reaching rural women farmers in Enugu State Nigeria. Questionnaire was used to collect data from a sample size of 52 extension workers. Data were analyzed using percentage, mean statistic, chart and factor analysis. Results revealed that training and visit method (100%) and farmer group (98.1%) were the major extension approach used in reaching rural women farmers in Enugu State. The challenges of extension workers in reaching rural women farmers through training and visit were grouped into four - attitudinal related factor, institutional factor, motivational related factor and supervision related factor. The challenges of extension workers in reaching rural women farmers through farmer field school approach were grouped into four - acceptability related issue, financial related issue, logistic related issue and location specific related issue. Also, the major challenges in reaching women farmers through farmer group were grouped into four - institutional support related issue, organizational related issues, finance related issue and communication related issue. The study recommends that existing farmers’ organization should also be properly strengthened by monitoring the already existing groups and providing services when needed.

Author Biography

Oluwole Matthew Akinnagbe, Federal University of Technology, Akure


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challenges; extension; rural; farmers; Nigeria